Off the job training explained:


Earn while you learn! – Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study


Grow your own talent, a future talent pipeline tailored to your business needs with the industry specific skills you need


Specialising in the delivery of high quality apprenticeships over a wide range of areas such as Business, Management, Customer Service and IT/Digital

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The Process

Are you over the age of 16 and looking for an apprenticeship?


Take a look at our interactive training tool

Interactive Learning

BrightChat supports interactive learning, through simple to use multiple choice questions.

Realistic Content

Content specifically created for you will ensure that it is fit for purpose and tailored to your training requirements.

Instant Feedback

Users receive instant feedback on their decisions, so there is no need to wait for their results.

Multiple Scenarios

BrightChat allows you the ability to create an endless amount of scenarios, ensuring that you content is varied and your audience is engaged and challenged.

Use on Multiple Devices

BrightChat can be accessed on multiple devices, meaning that your training tool is accessible to users on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Automated Conversations

Dependant on user interactions, the journey of the conversation can take any number of twists and turns.  This is all dependant on how complex or simple you wish the conversations to be.


In spring 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing. Some employers will be required to contribute to a new apprenticeship levy, and there will be changes to the funding for apprenticeship training for all employers.

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